One answer per team.  Your team can have as many players on a team as you would like.


The game has four (4) Quarters with five (5) questions each quarter, one half-time question and one final question.  That’s a total of 22 questions.  I'll announce the categories at the beginning of each round and before the question.


SCORING. 1st Q = 4pts per correct answer.  2nd Q = 6pts.  3rd Q = 8pts.  4th Q = 12pts.  Halftime Questions can score up to 20pts.  Final Question – You can bet up to 50% of your point total!  No penalty for a wrong answers, only silent judgment. 


After I read a question, I will play a song.  You are encouraged to dance.  You have the length of that song to write down your answer, and bring it to me.  You should have some supplies in front of you. A score sheet and a stack of answer slips.  Those little answer slips are what you'll fill out and turn in to me.


Once you have turned in your answer, it’s mine, no take backs!  You can't have it back, and you can't submit another answer, no matter how much you beg and plead.


NO CHEATING.  NO PHONES.  You can’t use your phone to search for answers but you can interact with your teammates to find the answer!  If you are caught cheating you will have to perform a Solo Spotlight Dance to a song I choose.  Or lose points, either one.  Your choice. The no phone rule applies to the entire table, even those who aren't playing the game.


DO NOT SHOUT OUT THE ANSWERS.  That’s it, those are the rules.  Good Luck!

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