Uplights can help set the mood in any space.  Our uplights are customizable and can combine colors to provide varying shades to match any wedding colors. The vertical columns of the color of your choice are sure to make a huge difference in any space! You can work with Brad before your wedding to discuss the number of uplights you will need to suit the space where your wedding reception will be.  

Dance lights are lights that are sure to get the dance floor going.  Our dance lights can also be customized. They can be set to a specific color scheme, can be set to display multiple colors, and can even be set to match the beat of the dance music.  So while your DJ is rocking the dance floor, these dance lights are keeping the beat better than your Uncle Stan. Freedom Sticks are a great addition to any dance floor and also can be customized to match the music, have endless lighting displays, and offer a different but equally as cool alternative to your standard dance lights.

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